UniOulu International Traineeship Grant

UniOulu international traineeship grant is meant for traineeships outside Europe and to those traineeships in Europe that cannot be funded with Erasmus+ grants. There is no specific application time, but the grant is applicable throughout the year subject to the availability of the funding.


You may apply for the UniOulu international traineeship grant for: 

  • long traineeships outside Europe (minimum duration of the traineeship agreement 60 days) 
  • short traineeships in and outside Europe (duration of the traineeship agreement 26-59 working days)
  • long traineeships in Europe in those cases that the traineeship is not Erasmus+ grant eligible (minimum duration of the traineeship agreement 60 days) .

If you are planning on a short traineeship in Europe, please study the option of short, blended Erasmus+ traineeship. More information about the option can be found on the Erasmus+ traineeship page.

UniOulu International Traineeship Grant

The UniOulu international traineeship grant is 2000 euros lump-sum for the longer traineeships outside Europe and 1200 euros lump-sum for the short traineeships. The grant for the longer, non Erasmus+ eligible European traineeships is paid according to the Erasmus+ traineeship grant calculation, up to 2000 euros maximum.

The grant is always paid in two parts: 80 % at the beginning of the traineeship and the remaining 20 % after the traineeship is completed and reported accordingly.

Grants are available year-round, but the number of grants per year is limited. Applications are accepted as long as the funding permits. No grants are awarded for traineeships that have already been completed or started before submitting the SoleGRANT application.

Grant requirements

You are eligible for the UniOulu traineeship grant as long as the following conditions are met: 

  • Your traineeship takes place in the country eligible for this grant type and the traineeship duration meets the minimum length requirement.
  • The host institution is a company or organisation, not a private person.
  • The traineeship is a part of your degree studies and approved by your degree programme.
  • The traineeship is full-time (min. 30 working hours per week).
  • You receive traineeship credits: In short traineeship min 3 ECTS credits and in longer traineeship min 5 ECTS credits per traineeship.
  • Up to three Oulu University students may work and receive the grant simultaneously for the same employer.
  • You are enrolled present in the University of Oulu for the entire traineeship time and you have a permanent address in Finland before departing overseas.
  • You have not previously received a traineeship grant from UniOulu during your current degree studies (with exception of Erasmus + grant).
  • You do not receive salary or other funding from the UniOulu or any other instance for the time of your traineeship, the possible pay from the employing organisation excluded.
  • You submit your traineeship application on time; no grants are awarded for the completed traineeships or the traineeships that have already started before the submission of the SoleGRANT application. 
  • Your traineeship ends and is reported before your official graduation from UniOulu i.e. no grants will be paid for a graduated student.
  • The planned traineeship must be part of the standard duration of the degree studies, grants are not paid for the extended study right time.

How to apply

Traineeship agreement

Before proceeding to the traineeship and grant application, you must prepare the official UniOulu traineeship agreement and have it signed by all the required parties: the teacher responsible for your traineeship, the traineeship contact person in the faculty, the representative of your traineeship organisation and you. Scanned and electronically signed documents are also accepted. 

Each traineeship type has its own traineeship agreement template. Make sure to use the correct template for the UniOulu international traineeship. The templates are available on the website for Students: Forms.

SoleMOVE traineeship application

Once you have a fully completed traineeship agreement with all the necessary signatures, proceed to submit your traineeship application through the SoleMOVE online application system. Start by selecting ‘Application for outgoing student mobility’ and then choose the correct application period: ‘2024 UniOulu International Traineeships’ (for traineeships starting in 2024). Attach the traineeship agreement to your online application.

Please be aware that these instructions also apply to the short UniOulu traineeships. Avoid using the SoleMOVE application option for short student mobility under any circumstances

Start your SoleMOVE application here.
SoleMOVE instructions for the traineeship abroad application.

SoleGRANT application

Once your traineeship application has been reviewed, you will receive the final decision via email. If your application is accepted, the email will also include instructions on confirming your traineeship offer within SoleMOVE and applying for the grant through the UniOulu SoleGRANT grant application system.

After completing your traineeship, you will need to complete certain reporting. This reporting is also a prerequisite for receiving the grant payment. For detailed information on reporting, please refer to the main website for traineeships abroad.