Erasmus+ Traineeship

Erasmus+ is an internship program funded by the European Union. The program enables degree students to complete a traineeship period with the support of an Erasmus+ grant. Before applying the grant student must acquire a suitable placement independently.

Erasmus+ Traineeship

The function of the Erasmus+ program is to enhance student's intercultural skills and therefore internships in student's country of origin are not recommended. If the internship takes place in the student's home country, the multicultural aspect of the training has to be met.  The priority in grants is given to the internships not planned in the applicant's country of origin. 

Internship can take place  in the following countries: European Union member states (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom), EEA/EFTA counties (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Switzerland is not a member in the Erasmus+ program, but funding for traineeships in Switzerland is possible though university's traineeship funding. If you are planning on traineeship in Switzerland,  please see Work placements outside Europe and contact International Mobility Services for more information.


  • program is for degree and postgraduate degree students enrolled present at the University of Oulu during the whole internship period,
  • training period can range from two to 12 months (2 months = 60 days), working hours at least 30 per week
  • the training must be included in the studies,
  • Erasmus+ grant is not allowed: EU organisations, organisations that coordinate EU programmes (e.g. LLP national agencies)*,
  • student has to return the training certificate and complete all the required reporting,
  • the student will not receive any other financial support for the internship from the University of Oulu or any other instances,
  • the student has not previously completed a training period outside Finland supported by the University of Oulu and
  • the length of the internship follows 12 months per level –principle
  • student must have an official address in Oulu/Finland before departing to the traineeship.

* Organisations representing the student's home country (e.g. cultural and scientific institutes, regional offices, schools, export centres) are acceptable only if the work placement includes multicultural components. The multicultural aspects of the placement must be noted in the Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

12 months per level -principle

Student can participate in Erasmus+ student exchange and work placement up to maximum of 12 months in each study level (bachelor’s / master’s / doctoral). For example, if a student has earlier been in 5 months Erasmus study exchange during the master studies, student can join Erasmus + program  for more7 months (12-5= 7).

If the student has participated in Erasmus before the academic year 2019-2020, the previous Erasmus periods are taken into account when granting of new Erasmus+ places.

Financial support

Funding for the traineeship can be awarded for the maximum length of 12 months. Traineeship period itself may last longer, but the grant maximum is 12 months. The application round for the funding is continuous.

Erasmus+ grant is based on the duration of the traineeship as follows (1.8.2022 ->):

  • 690€ per month (app.20,5€ per day) in country category 1: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
  • 640€ per month (19 € per day) in country category 2: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Turkey.

The Erasmus grant is paid in two parts. First part (80%) is paid before the actual training time and the second part (20% ) after the training is completed as planned and all the required reporting is done. The University grant is paid once the internship has started.

Additional support

In the Erasmus+ programme, the mobility of participants with fewer opportunities is supported with a fixed top-up grant and with inclusion support. Students with children, possible health challenges (disability etc.) and students with an immigrant background may be allowed for the additional support.

Moreover, if you choose an environmentally friendly way of travel (train, bus or car pooling)  and the majority of the travel distance or at least one way of the return trip is carried out in a sustainable way, you are entitled to the Erasmus+  green travel support: 50 EUR lump sum.  In cases of green travel, also 1-4 extra grant eligible days may be added to the length of your mobility.

For more information about the additional support, please contact the International Mobility Services.

Application Process

The placement must be agreed on before applying for the Erasmus+ grant.

Applications must be submitted in the university SoleMOVE mobility database well in advance before the actual internship. The enclosure required is the Learning Agreement for Traineeships which must be signed by the student, training organization and the representative of the University of Oulu. Before filling in the document, student is advised to contact the Erasmus+ internship contact person in his/her faculty to get more detailed instructions.

When the internship is accepted in SoleMOVE, student proceeds to apply the Erasmus grant and University grant in SoleGRANT.


After the internship the student has to give feedback and report the internship in SoleMOVE. Also the Traineeship Certificate and Transcript of Records (when the internship is credited) must be attached to SoleMOVE.

The OLS language assessment

The OLS (Online Linguistic Support) language assessment is mandatory for all Erasmus+ participants.  The language is chosen based on the main language of the internship. OLS is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. The assessment is taken before of the mobility period — in order to monitor the progress in the language skills during the internship. After the training application is accepetd in SoleMOVE by all the parties, the student will receive an email from the university  with a login and a password to access the OLS platform. 


If you need more information, please contact your faculty's staff responsible for traineeships.