Erasmus+ traineeship grant

The University of Oulu participates in the European Union’s Erasmus+ -programme that supports students’ traineeship opportunities in the EU member states and in certain other associated countries in Europe. If you are planning on a traineeship in Europe, Erasmus+ traineeship grant is a very likely option for you. There is no specific application period, but the grant is applicable throughout the year, subject to the availability of the funding.   

Erasmus+ Traineeship

Traineeships eligible for the funding 

In the University of Oulu, the Erasmus+ traineeship grant may be used for the traineeships in all EU Member States and in the following countries associated to the programme: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. UK is also part of the eligible destination countries until 2023. Traineeships in Finland are ruled out as the University of Oulu is the sending organisation.

If the country where your planned traineeship takes place belongs to the countries listed above, the traineeship types that entitle you to apply for the Erasmus+ traineeship grant are:

  • long Erasmus+ traineeships (minimum duration 60 days = the minimum length of the traineeship agreement) 
  • blended Erasmus+ traineeships (duration 5-30 working days including a mandatory virtual part organised by the host organisation).

Since the funding comes from the EU, the Erasmus+ grant is not allowed to traineeships in EU institutions, bodies or agencies.

In a case your traineeship takes place in Europe, but the destination country is not part of the Erasmus+ programme (for example Switzerland) or the traineeship is not Erasmus+ eligible for some reason, we advise you to read more about the opportunities funded via UniOulu International Traineeship grant.

Erasmus+ grant

Erasmus+ grant is based on the duration of the traineeship and the grants in the long Eramus+ traineeships are (from 8/2022 onwards):

  • 690 € per month (app. 20,5€ per day) in country category 1: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
  • 640 € per month (19 € per day) in country category 2: all the other eligible countries not listed in the country category 1.

The grant in the blended traineeships is 70 euros per day (first 14 days) and 50 euros per day (days 15–30). Grant is paid only for the traineeship part at site in the host country, not for the virtual part. Travel days may be included in the grant applicable time in certain cases.

The Erasmus+ programme aims at being accessible for students from all backgrounds and circumstances. Hence the participants with fewer opportunities in mobility may apply for additional funding on top of the basic monthly grant. If you are a student with underaged children, you have an immigrant background, or you have health issues (disability etc.) challenging your possible traineeship you may be allowed for the additional support. For more information about the additional support for the students with fewer opportunities, please contact the International Mobility Services.

The grant is always paid in two parts: 80 % at the beginning of the traineeship and the remaining 20 % after the traineeship is completed and reported accordingly.  

The grants are applicable throughout the whole year. The amount of grants per year is limited and the applications can be accepted as long as the funding allows. No grants are awarded for the completed traineeships or the traineeships that have already started before the submission of the SoleGRANT application.  

Grant requirements

You may apply for the grant if:  

  • Your traineeship takes place in a country eligible for Erasmus+ traineeship grant and the traineeship duration meets the minimum length requirement. 
  • The traineeship is a part of your degree studies and approved by your degree programme. 
  • The traineeship is full-time (min. 30 working hours per week). 
  • You receive traineeship credits: In a blended traineeship min. 3 ECTS credits/traineeship.
  • You are enrolled present in the University of Oulu for the entire traineeship time and you have a permanent address in Finland before departing overseas. 
  • You do not receive salary or other funding from the University of Oulu or any other instance for the time of your traineeship, excluding the possible pay from the employing organisation. 
  • You submit your traineeship application on time; no grants are awarded for the completed traineeships or the traineeships that have already started before the submission of the SoleGRANT application. 

Please note! You can complete several Erasmus+ exchanges (study or traineeship) in each study level (bachelor/master/doctoral) up to maximum of 12 months in total. If your traineeship plan exceeds this twelve months’ quota, but your traineeship is still supported by your degree programme, please see the opportunities available in the UniOulu International Traineeship grant.

Travel Green

In Erasmus+, if you choose an environmentally friendly way of travel and most of the travel distance or at least one way of the return trip is carried out in a sustainable way, you are entitled to the Erasmus+ green travel support. The support is 50 euros lump sum and travelling by train, by bus and car pooling are counted in the green ways of travel. In addition to the 50 euros also 1-4 extra grant eligible days may be added to the length of your mobility.

For more information about the green travel support, please contact the International Mobility Services.

How to apply 

Traineeship agreement 

Before proceeding to the traineeship and grant application, you must prepare the official traineeship agreement and have it signed by all the required parties: the teacher responsible for your traineeship in UniOulu, the representative of your traineeship organisation and you. Scanned and electronically signed documents are also accepted.  

Each traineeship type has its own traineeship agreement template. Make sure to use the correct template: Erasmus+ Learning Agreement (LA) for traineeship. The templates are available here.

SoleMOVE traineeship application  

After you have a ready Erasmus+ Learning Agreement with all the required signatures, you must submit a traineeship application in the SoleMOVE online application system. Start with choosing: Application for outgoing student mobility and then the correct application period: Erasmus+Traineeships 2023-24 (traineeships starting on 1.8.2023 and onwards). . The traineeship agreement must be attached to the online application. 

Please note that the instructions above are valid also for the blended Erasmus+ traineeships: Do not use the SoleMOVE ‘s application option of short student mobility at any case.

If you are planning on traineeship in Switzerland or a traineeship in Europe that is not Erasmus+ eligible, please contact International Mobility Services for more detailed information about the application process. 

Start your SoleMOVE application here.  
SoleMOVE instructions for the traineeship abroad application.

SoleGRANT application 

The final decision on your traineeship application is sent to you via email. In case of accepted application, the email provides you also with further instructions how to confirm your traineeship offer in SoleMOVE and how to apply for the grant in the UniOulu SoleGRANT grant application system.  

All students receiving Erasmus+ grant for fourteen days or more are required to complete Online Language Support (OLS) language assessment (except in cases where the language of your work is your native language). The assessment is taken in the language of the traineeship and a completed OLS is a prerequisite for the grant payment. OLS instructions will be sent to you within the application acceptance.