Traineeships outside Finland

Traineeship abroad is one of the best learning experiences during the students' university career.

Traineeships outside Finland

While gaining intercultural work experience and skills, you build professional and international networks and develop your language skills. Intercultural working skills are respected by the employers also and enhance your career possibilities in the global job market.

University of Oulu supports and funds the following three types of traineeship abroad:

Erasmus+ traineeship: min. two months internship in the European Union member state or Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein,  the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. 

Embassy work placement: min. three months internship in the Finnish Embassies abroad. This is only possible for native or fluent Finnish speakers. 

Work placement outside Europe: min. two months internship outside Europe or in the country not included in the Erasmus+ program.