UniOulu International Traineeship Grant

UniOulu international traineeship grant is meant for traineeships outside Europe and short (one to two months) traineeships in all countries. There is no specific application time, but the grant is applicable throughout the year subject to the availability of the funding.


You may apply for the UniOulu international traineeship grant for: 

  • traineeships outside Europe (minimum duration 60 working days) 

  • short traineeships in all countries except Finland (duration 30-59 working days)

  • traineeships in those European countries that are not included in the Erasmus+ programme (for example Switzerland) or traineeships in Europe that are not Erasmus+ eligible for some reason.

UniOulu International Traineeship Grant

The UniOulu international traineeship grant is 2000 euros lump-sum for the longer traineeships outside Europe and 1200 euros lump-sum for the short traineeships. The grant for the longer European traineeships is paid according to the Erasmus+ traineeship grant calculation, up to 2000 euros maximum.

The grant is always paid in two parts: 80 % at the beginning of the traineeship and the remaining 20 % after the traineeship is completed and reported accordingly.

The grants are applicable throughout the whole year. The amount of grants per year is limited and the applications can be accepted as long as the funding allows. No grants are awarded for the completed traineeships or the traineeships that have already started before the submission of the SoleGRANT application. 

Grant requirements

You may apply for the grant if: 

  • Your traineeship takes place in the country eligible for this grant type and the traineeship duration meets the minimum length requirement.

  • The traineeship is a part of your degree studies and approved by your degree programme.

  • The traineeship is full-time (min. 30 working hours per week).

  • You receive traineeship credits: In short traineeship min 3 ECTS credits and in longer traineeship min 5 ECTS credits per traineeship.
  • You are enrolled present in the University of Oulu for the entire traineeship time and you have a permanent address in Finland before departing overseas.

  • You have not previously received a traineeship grant from UniOulu during your current degree studies (with exception of Erasmus + grant).

  • You do not receive salary or other funding from the UniOulu or any other instance for the time of your traineeship, the possible pay from the employing organization excluded.

  • You submit your traineeship application on time; no grants are awarded for the completed traineeships or the traineeships that have already started before the submission of the SoleGRANT application. 

How to apply

Traineeship agreement

Before proceeding to the traineeship and grant application, you must prepare the official traineeship agreement and have it signed by all the required parties: the teacher responsible for your traineeship in UniOulu, the representative of your traineeship organisation and you. Scanned and electronically signed documents are also accepted. 

Each traineeship type has its own traineeship agreement template. Make sure to use the correct template for the UniOulu international traineeship. The templates are available here.

SoleMOVE traineeship application

After you have a ready traineeship agreement with all the required signatures, you must submit a traineeship application in the SoleMOVE online application system. Start with choosing: Application for outgoing student mobility and then the correct application period: 2023 UniOulu International Traineeships. The traineeship agreement must be attached to the online application.

Please note that the instructions above are valid also for the short UniOulu international traineeships: Do not use the SoleMOVE ‘s application option of short student mobility at any case.

Start your SoleMOVE application here.

SoleGRANT application

The final decision on your traineeship application is sent to you via email. In case of accepted application, the email provides you also with further instructions how to confirm your traineeship offer in SoleMOVE and how to apply for the grant in the UniOulu SoleGRANT grant application system.