Blue Circular Nets


Fishing is a significant source of plastic pollution of seas, which is addressed in Blue Circular Nets (CIRCNETS) project that is funded by Northern Periphery and Arctic 2021-2027 programme (NPA). CIRCNETS supports collection, treatment and recycling of fishing gear, so that these end-of-life nets would be disposed appropriately and would not end up in seas and degrade marine environment.


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Northern Periphery and Arctic 2021-2027 Programme

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University of Oulu

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  • Jenni Ylä-Mella

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Long distances and lack of critical mass are key challenges for organising waste management in many parts of the northern, peripheral and sparsely populated areas of Europe. This is highlighted even more in the case of end-of-life (EOL) fishing gear, which due to the changes in legislation, has to be collected separately.

Blue Circular Nets (CIRCNETS) is a Northern Periphery and Arctic 2021 - 2027 programme funded (NPA) project, which will support the setting up of a collection system for EOL fishing gear in the NPA region. Finding out, how collection can be organised regionally in a most efficient and economic way, which also adheres to the "do no significant harm" principle, requires solutions to be looked at from other regions, which have already taken steps towards this. However, the collection of fishing gear opens up a possibility to proceed towards a more circular economy, and find out ways, how the collected materials can be recycled and reused also regionally.

CIRCNETS will create solutions for both of these issues by drafting the blueprint for the collection, recycling and reuse of EOL fishing gear in the NPA region. The project partnership includes organisations from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.