Co-learning knowledge management of the changing Northern Ostrobothnia 2030

Co-learning knowledge management of the changing Northern Ostrobothnia 2030


The demographic structure of Finland and Northern Ostrobothnia is changing (Population grid data: Statistics Finland 2021).

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Council of the Oulu Region
Kerttu Saalasti Foundation

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141 087 EUR

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University of Oulu

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Availability of skilled workforce and successful entrepreneurs originate from active and educated population. The population and its regional structure at Northern Ostrobothnia is expected to change significantly during next couple decades by declining birth rate and negative net-migration. To have successful future, Northern Ostrobothnia needs stronger attraction and retain forces for active young people, a more agile education for workforce and increase in entrepreneurship activity. The project creates data-based knowledge management tools and platform for better regional situation awareness for strategical and operational development work at local, sub-regional and regional scales. The produced information us used for co-learning with stakeholders to recognize and share knowledge related to processes, patterns and best practices.

We produce a research based information and knowledge in five sub-themes:

  1. Changing demographics
  2. Regional mobility and employment
  3. Mobility of (highly) educated citizens
  4. Labour supply
  5. Entrepreneurship, business establishment creation and growth

Personal data will be used in analysis in the research theme 3, "Migration of (higher) educated graduates", which aims to provide information on the role of higher education institutions (universities and universities of applied sciences) (and possibly vocational schools) as producers of skilled workforce in the regions, by field of education. The up-to-date data privacy notice of the study is available at this link (in Finnish).