Earth observation and Earth GNSS data acquisition and processing platform for safe, sustainable and cost-efficient mining operations.

GoldenEye EU H2020

The project implements a unique combination of remote sensing and positioning technologies. The platform will allow satellites, drones, and in-situ sensors to collect high-resolution data of mine sites, which can be processed and converted into actionable intelligence for safety, environmental monitoring and overall productivity, allowing more efficient exploration, extraction and closure.


Field trial site at Pyhäsalmi Mine

Project information

Project duration


Funded by

Horizon 2020 - Innovation Action (IA)

Funding amount

247 377 EUR

Project coordinator

Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT

Project description

These tools developed within GoldenEye will be demonstrated in five field trials in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo and Finland, creating a compelling value proposition for implementation across the mining industry value chain.

The Kerttu Saalasti Institute and its multidisciplinary Regional Excellence (REx) research team will host, facilitate, and support the design of underground-, open pit-, tailing pond-, and environment-related pilots and tests at the Pyhäsalmi mine. The REx research team also contributes to the evaluation and scientific reporting of tested techniques and results.

The project has a duration of three years and an EC funding of 8.36 M€. The consortium includes a large industrial partner, seven SMEs, four academic/research centers and four end-users, supported by a strong advisory board of experts in geosciences. The project is coordinated by the Finnish VTT.