HAiLife – Human sciences data as a foundation for a new business.

HAiLife aims to support the competence of ICT companies to make extensive use of human data as part of their current and new business. We organize expert seminars for companies related to the data economy and artificial intelligence, where the possibilities of using humanities data in business are discussed in particular.


Oppimistieteen opiskelijat vuorovaikutteisen oppimisen tutkimustilassa Oulun yliopistolla.

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European Structural and Investment Funds - European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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Council of Oulu Region

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University of Oulu

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We support the opportunities for ICT companies to utilize human data by providing information on data usage possibilities and a research environment for data collection

HAiLife supports ICT companies to make versatile use of humanities data as part of current and new business operations. The project collects and produces easily usable information and support material for the target companies to use. The project also maps out the need for companies to continue developing business innovations with the network formed in the project and prepares the follow-up measures that will enable the joint development of business innovations in the future.

The project is implemented by the Learning and Education Technology research unit LET, which is specialized in utilizing theoretical research knowledge, e.g. of technology-supported learning processes. The implementation environment of the project's participatory workshops aimed at companies is the University of Oulu's LeaF research infrastructure, where people's activities and interactions can be studied using different methods. LeaF's versatile facilities, equipment and methodical know-how are suitable for use in research and business life. The project is financed by the Council of Oulu Region and the European Regional Development Fund.

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Seminars and Workshops

29 August, 2022 | Business from Human Data? | blog post
2 December, 2022 | Ingredients for Business from Human Data and AI | blog post
2 February, 2023 | Data and AI in Customer-Centric Business | blog post
28 March, 2023 | Webate: How AI is Revolutionizing the ICT Sector | blog post
29 March, 2023 | Human AI Synergy – Building Collaboration between Companies and Researchers | blog post
4 September, 2023 | Data and AI – Responsibility, Regulation, and Opportunities | blog post

The HAiLife Databank

The HAiLife Databank has useful links, recordings, publications and other resources that are useful for companies interested in utilizing Huma Data