Elbuken Lab: Microfluidics and Biosensor Research Group

Our research spans the fields of microfluidics, nanofluidics, lab-on-a-chip systems, integrated microsystems, rheology, non-linear fluidics, vascular flow.

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We are interested in the study of fluids at micro and nanoscale. Our research studies span the fields of microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip systems and integrated microsystems. Microfluidic technologies enable the use of small scale fluid control and analysis. Compared to their bulky counterparts, microfluidic devices yield faster, higher performance and cost-effective assays. An integral part of our research is the design and fabrication of microfluidic systems. We work on a very wide range of topics including droplet microfluidics, artificial cells, extracellular vesicle isolation systems, viscoelastic fluids, nonlinear microfluidics and bifurcating fluidic networks. Below a snapshot of our main research themes is given.

Open positions

We have an OPEN POST-DOC POSITION, if you are interested in microfluidics and machine learning. Please contact us (caglar.elbuken@oulu.fi) for our project on “High throughput time-gated Raman flow cytometry.” Link to the position. The project is supported by Data4Healthcare program under the Technical tools in data management and processing section. Click here to apply.

Our ERC Consolidator project (BiNET) started in October 2022. We will be working on bifurcating network growth and the relationship between short term fluctuations and long term growth. Specifically, we will study the red blood cell distribution in capillary networks and correlate it with the corresponding tissue growth and vascular network adaptation. We will develop in-vivo models using organoid samples, in-vitro models using analogous microfluidic networks and in-silico models by node-based iterative simulation.

Our Academy of Finland project (#342448) has started as of September 2021. We are working on self-assembly of artificial cell/vesicle like structures for 3D structure formation. We are exploring the relationship between the individual membrane forming unit and the stability of the self-assembled structure. We study particle distribution dynamics in confined microchannels. In this project we take a new approach and study the particle aggregation dynamics in non-confined geometries using synthetic liposomes and polymersomes engineered by microfluidic approaches. If you are interested in working on this project, contact us for potential positions.


Latest news

Caglar Elbuken was awarded by the University of Oulu for his research achievements. The award was presented on 5 September 2022 during the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Academic Year.”

Our recent article on fabrication of polyrotaxane microcapsules using droplet fluidics is online. In collaboration with Tuncel group (expert on supramolecular chemistry), we synthesized microscale capsules. We are moving towards assembly of larger structures using such capsules.

Our project on "NanoEngineered Self-Assembling Vesicle Production" is funded by Academy of Finland. We aim to synthesize artificial vesicles using microfluidics and control vesicle properties for achieving self-assembly of complex architectures.

Our ERC Consolidator Project on bifurcating networks was accepted. We are starting a 5-year ambitious project focusing on the dynamics of vessel formation and the discrete nature of blood cell transport at capillary level. More information coming soon.


  • Caglar Elbuken, Ph.D., Professor
  • Jonatan Mac Intyre, Ph.D., Post-doctoral researcher
  • Tatiana Avsievich, D.Sc., Post-doctoral researcher
  • Benny Ryplida, Ph.D., Post-doctoral researcher
  • Amir Abdorahimzadeh, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Lauri Rannaste, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Indraja Sundara Raju, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Mostafa Bakouei, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Micaela Tavares Oliveira, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Samin Nooranian, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Elizabath Maria Nallukunnel Raju, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher
  • Zikrullah Bölükkaya, M.Sc., Doctoral researcher


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The complete list of publications.


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Book chapters

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