Health Coaching/Patient Counselling (HealthCoach)

The research group is developing and evaluating the meaningfulness and effectiveness of the person- and digital-based patient counseling/health coaching on health, healthy lifestyle and digital wellbeing among children and youth, chronically ill patients and frequent attenders.

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Research focus:

  • Effectiveness and meaningfulness of human and digital-based counselling/health coaching interventions
  • Health coaching based on profiling citizen’s health, digital wellbeing, healthy lifestyle

Research materials include qualitative and quantitative data, psychometrically tested instruments (CQI-P, CQI-R, CCI) and health coaching model. The groups uses methods of theory development and testing, interventional studies, cohort and register studies, systematic reviews with meta-analysis/meta-aggregation, qualitative study with content analysis.

Research group

The research group is lead by Prof. Maria Kääriäinen. The group includes senior and post-doctoral researchers, doctoral candidates and master students.

Societal impact

he results of the research group support the Sustainable Development Goals, especially from the perspectives of promoting health and well-being and lowering inequality. The studies provide evidence for social and health care, education and leadership needs nationally and internationally, taking into account the perspective of customers/users.