Graduation of doctoral degree

The doctoral degree is ready when the thesis has been accepted and graded by the meeting of Doctoral Programme Committee and all the required studies are completed and registered.

Applying for the degree certificate

You may apply for the degree certificate in Peppi's graduation service. Fill in the application as soon as your thesis has been approved, if you wish to have the degree on the next possible graduation day (see dates below).  


1. Log in to Peppi.

2. Check your PSP and make sure that you have completed the studies required for your degree (20-50 credits depending on the degree programme). Please contact the Graduate School (uniogs(at), if you have questions about the studies. 

There are two phases in the graduation service. 

3.  REVIEWING: Fill and send the graduation application via your doctoral study right in Peppi. Link to the graduation application can be found in the top menu in Peppi. Please wait until you get a notification that you can send your application for finalizing. 

  • Note that the same graduation application is used for all degrees, so some questions may not be applicable for doctoral degree.

4. FINALIZING: Check that all information related to graduation is correct and send the application for finalizing. Please note that the graduation day is different from the delivery day of the degree certificate. 

5. After all your information has been processed, you will get a notification of the acceptance and confirmation of the graduation date. You can also follow the graduation phases in Peppi.

Degree certificate

In order to receive the degree certificate, the doctoral researcher must be enrolled as a “present” at the university for the semester. 

Doctoral researchers who graduated before August 1, 2022 will receive the official degree certificate as a paper version from the Academic Affairs Service Team. The degree certificate can be collected within two weeks after the granting of the degree from the Academic Affair's service point in the Linnanmaa campus on Mondays or Wednesdays at 11-13 p.m. or from the Kontinkangas campus on Wednesdays at 10-12 noon ( Primarily, the certificate is posted to the mailing address provided by the graduate. The graduate can also authorize another person to pick up the certificate with a written letter of authorization. 

Doctoral researchers who graduate August 1, 2022 or later will receive the official degree certificate as Electronic degree certificate. In addition they will receive a paper copy of the degree certificate. Read further instructions by clicking the link below.

Graduation day

Doctoral degree graduation days in 2022 are:


Graduation day depends on the meeting timetables of the doctoral programme committees. Check the meeting dates of your Doctoral Programme Committee!