Final stages of doctoral degree

Information about examination and acceptance of the doctoral thesis.

Instructions for the final stages of the doctoral degree

We have collected the instructions for examination and acceptance of the doctoral thesis to the document Final stages of the doctoral degree. Download the file and read it carefully!

The document includes e.g.

  • Description of the pre-examination process
  • Instructions for publishing and public display of the thesis
  • Information about grading and acceptance of the thesis

Remember to check thesis requirements.


In the pre-examination of the doctoral thesis, two external reviewers evaluate the scientific and formal requirements of the thesis manuscript before the public defence.

Doctoral researcher starts the pre-examination process of doctoral thesis by filling in the form Nomination of pre-examiners form in the eForms system. Doctoral researcher fills in the first part of the form and forwards it to the principal supervisor in the system. The principal supervisor fills in the rest of the form and submits it to the Graduate School in eForms.

The chair of Doctoral Programme Committee appoints the pre-examiners, and the matter is not handled in the meeting of Doctoral Programme Committee.

Check the following forms and instructions:

Communication about the doctoral thesis and the public defence

The doctoral candidate must fill in a dissertation form, which includes basic information in Finnish and English about the upcoming doctoral defence, and an abbreviated summary of the main research results and content of the dissertation. The form should be sent to the University of Oulu Communication Services no later than 14 days before the date of the doctoral defence.

Please see more information and instructions for preparing the defence announcement from communication guidelines for doctoral candidates.

Permission to defend and acceptance of thesis

After the pre-examination, the principal supervisor fills the form UniOGS_Nomination of the opponent and custos in eForms.

The Doctoral Programme Committee decides on the permission to defend the doctoral thesis . The chair of the Doctoral Programme Committee appoints one or two opponents and the custos.

After the public defence, the opponent submits their statement on the doctoral thesis and the thesis defence to the Graduate School (uniogs(at) The Doctoral Programme Committee approves and grades the thesis (pass/excellent) based on statements by the pre-examiners and opponent(s).

Check the following forms and instructions:

Checklist for doctoral researcher and supervisor