Doctoral Degree Programme in Educational Sciences and Psychology

Large changes, like globalisation, digitalisation and environmental changes create new challenges for cultures, communities and interaction. Education, psychology, teaching and learning can answer these challenges.

Admission to doctoral training

The faculty has one doctoral degree programme of education and psychology. In the doctoral programme, one can do a PhD on general educational science, psychology, educational psychology, sociology and gender studies, early childhood, learning sciences, school research, special education, music education or environmental education. The doctoral programme prepares researchers to understand the phenomena and their significance in society and in large changes.


Each doctoral researcher will be appointed at least two supervisors. One of them must be a docent or a professor, and employed by the faculty

An emeritus/emerita professor can be the main supervisor for two years after retirement, when this can be justified with the interest of the supervisee, if they have made an emeritus-/emerita contract with the faculty. In clearly justified special circumstances the emeritus/emerita may be the principal supervisor for longer than this. When retiring, the main supervisors must ensure the continuation of supervision.

External supervisors will not be paid except in special circumstances

Meet our supervisors:

Doctoral studies and doctoral thesis

Doctoral studies are an important phase in academic career. During the academic year, the programme organizes courses, events and unofficial meetings for doctoral researchers to share this experience, network with colleagues and learn new things. Join phd-students email-list and teams channel to follow upcoming meetings and conversations.

Contact information

  • The director of the doctoral degree programme, vice-chair in the doctoral programme committee: Senior Research Fellow Pauliina Rautio, pauliina.rautio at
  • The coordinator of the programme: University Researcher Sonja Lutovac, sonja.lutovac at
  • Representative of psychology in the doctoral programme committee: Professor Mirka Hintsanen
  • Substitute member in the doctoral programme committee: Professor Anu Kajamaa