The scope of the doctoral studies is 20-50 credits depending on the discipline. The studies are divided into general and transferable skills studies, and field-specific studies. Some of the studies are mandatory and others are optional.

General and transferable skills studies

The general and transferable skills studies allow you to develop your discipline-independent  working life competence.

Studies that are mandatory for all doctoral researchers:

Introduction to Doctoral Training (1 credit)

  • The course cannot be replaced with other course attainments unless the doctoral study right has been granted before 2012.

Scientific Research and Ethics (2 credits)

Follow-up Group Reporting and Meetings (1 credit)

  • Follow-up Group Reporting and Meetings will be marked as completed, when the last follow-up group meeting has been held. See instructions for the nomination and meetings of the follow-up group.

Other general and transferable skills studies

The Graduate School also organises a variety of other general and transferable skills studies, which you can include into your doctoral degree according to the requirements of your own doctoral degree programme. Check the study requirements for your own doctoral degree programme. 

You can check the general and transferable skills studies offered by the Graduate School in the following link.

Field-specific studies

Field-specific studies will familiarise the doctoral researcher with the theory, methods and research in the field of doctoral research. The aim of the field-specific studies is to deepen your understanding of the field of doctoral research. Field-specific studies may be postgraduate courses or other study attainments agreed with the supervisor. You can get credits e.g. from participation in conferences.

Mandatory field-specific studies for all doctoral researchers are:

Doctoral Training Plan (3 credits)
Research Plan Seminar (1 op)
  • During the studies, the doctoral researcher participates actively in research plan seminars. At the seminar, each doctoral researcher presents their own research topic. Research plan seminars are organised by major subjects,  research units and doctoral programmes. Ask your supervisor or Degree Programme Director when and where the appropriate seminar series or course will be held.

In addition, the doctoral degree programme may specify other compulsory field-specific studies. Check the study requirements for your own degree programme!

Courses organized by the Doctoral Programmes

Field-specific studies are arranged by the Doctoral Programmes and Doctoral Degree Programmes within them, as well as national and international doctoral training networks.

Check the courses and other events organized by the Doctoral Programmes!

Doctoral studies offered by other Universities

Doctoral researchers of the University of Oulu can participate free of charge to course organized by other universities.  The offered studies are listed on the website together with the university specific application guidelines.  Studies are planned as personal study units to Peppi’s personal study plan. Once the study has been completed, the transcript of studies will be delivered to the principal supervisor who will send they acceptance of the course to the Academic Affairs.

Additional information on studies