Hybrid Intelligence: Human-AI Co-evolution and Learning in Multi-realities (HI)

HI is a research programme at the University of Oulu, funded by the Research Council of Finland in the Profi7 initiative. Through the integration of the key excellence areas in the University of Oulu, HI seeks to combine the strengths of both humans and machines in productive, responsible, and ethical ways.
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Programme description and key aims

The presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in all areas of life. However, current data-driven AI is still too narrow to help humans, as it is lacking in social and emotional intelligence, and being restricted by reality. By placing the emphasis on mutual understanding and learning from each other, our research programme aims at combining the strengths of both humans and machines in their co-evolutionary processes. We propose to build the idea of a metaverse by combining our physical and virtual realities in a movement towards a multi-reality.

Our programme focuses on international top-level collaborative and multidisciplinary research, which is supported by the unique learning and interaction research infrastructure LeaF. The Ethics Forum and Data Forum will foster a deep and cross-cutting discussion on Hybrid Intelligence in ethical and responsible ways. With its’ international networks, our programme will pave the way towards breakthroughs in how humans and machines interact, understand, and learn from each other.

HI integrates the University of Oulu’s 4 excellence areas, including Emotion AI, learning processes, perceptional engineering, and nursing science, to generate future AI-based solutions for fields such as education and nursing.

Our research themes are:

  • Data and algorithm assisted AI
  • Understanding humans in AI interaction
  • The extended human mind in multi-realities
  • Emerging sustainable effects on the quality of life

Overall, HI aims at advancing the well-being of people in different areas of life and improving the quality of life through the integration of innovative technologies.

Research themes

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