InStreams Hub - Inorganic circular economy research community

InStreams Hub focuses on cross-disciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering and the management and utilisation of inorganic side streams. We develop sustainable value chains and have high interest to put scientific research into practice.
Inorganic energy materials

Research themes

InStreams Hub consists of the following themes:

  • Sustainable materials processing
  • Inorganic energy materials
  • CO2-conscious materials for construction
  • Advanced materials characterisation
  • Preventing environmental contamination
  • Value streams and productisation

The InStreams Hub is committed to focus on sustainable materials and systems. We have a wide academic base for cross-disciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering, readily combined with sustainable value streams and business.

Sustainable materials processing

CO2-concious materials for construction


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We have high interest to put scientific research into practice providing research-based information for continuous cross-border cooperation, between companies and research institutes. This is why we have established a newsletter, targeted to all researchers, students, company representatives, and journalists that are interested in inorganic circular economy and its future. We will be posting news, event information and notify possible cooperation possibilities four times a year.

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