Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy

Good Indoor Air and Building Health

Civil Engineering
Faculty of Technology

The role of indoor environmental quality is becoming more important in the era of climate change and global pandemics.

I am developing research and education in the area of good indoor air and building health. Education targets both master and doctoral students. New doctoral candidates are encouraged to apply to the program, where they could participate in international multidisciplinary research and finding novel solutions to improve indoor environments.

My ongoing research interests include the following: Continuous monitoring of indoor environmental quality (IEQ); School buildings, IEQ, health and learning outcomes; Assessment of dampness and mold in buildings; Effects of improved energy efficiency of buildings on IEQ, occupants' health and wellbeing. Methods include real-time monitoring of IEQ parameters to detect spatial, recurrent and/or long-term trends; Various new methods to assess microbial exposures and ways to control them (retrofitting, mold remediation, cleaning effectiveness); Application of multilevel statistical analyses methods and time series modelling in large data sets.

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