Ulla Lehtinen

Senior Researcher
supply chain management, microenterprises

University of Oulu, Kerttu Saalasti Institute

I am a Senior Researcher at Micro-Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence (MicroENTRE) at Kerttu Saalasti Institute and Oulu Business School at the University of Oulu, Finland. I hold a doctorate in industrial engineering and management. My main research field has been supply chain management especially concerning subcontracting industry and food sector. Her current research interest includes sustainability and circular economy among companies, development of microenterprises, and internationalization of SMEs. I am working as a project manager in LAKU-project and during 2020-22  in two projects: 1) LOGOKA - developing logistics for Business between Karelia and Oulu region (CBC Karelia) and 2) ARVO - developing low-carbon business ecosystem in a Nivala industrial park.

Research interests

  • supply chains
  • microenterprises
  • sustainability
  • logistics

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+358 50 4761 624

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Room TA133
Oulu Business School
Erkki Koiso-Kanttilankatu 1
FI-90570 Oulu, Finland

Kerttu Saalasti Institute
Pajatie 5
FI-85500 Nivala, Finland