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The University of Oulu Micro-Entrepreneurship Centre MicroENTRE® is a unique research group and service centre that produces research-based knowledge on micro-entrepreneurship, helps to create operating conditions for sustainable growth in business, and builds a society that encourages entrepreneurship. A micro-enterprise is defined as a company with fewer than 10 employees and a turnover of less than 2 million.
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The motto of our multidisciplinary team is to be a reliable expert close to the entrepreneur. Close cooperation with companies and business service organisations around Finland is central to our activities.

Our operations are strategically guided by the national MicroENTRE® partnership network including organisations from all regions that produce business services.

MicroENTRE’s research emphasises societal impact. An essential part of our research group’s activities is to work together with our partners and apply new information as new tools and business services that meet the needs and resources of micro-enterprises. MicroENTRE’s experts are also responsible for the contents of the micro-entrepreneurship study module offered through the open university, and they produce several courses for continuing education.

We do research with an entrepreneurial heart.


Research Themes

Our unique research group aims to produce evidence-based knowledge, which helps micro-enterprises to develop, grow and internationalise. Through multidisciplinary research, we make visible the diversity and distinctive features of micro-enterprises. Our research has both academic and societal significance, and it benefits entrepreneurs, business service organisations and decision-makers.

Our research focuses on the following themes:

1. Growth management, leadership and internationalisation

2. Entrepreneurial skills and resources

3. Operating environments and networks that support entrepreneurship

4. Entrepreneurship education and building an entrepreneurial culture

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Services for entrepreneurs and business advisors

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Endowed professorship of micro-entrepreneurship

MicroENTRE® Partnership Network

MicroENTRE® Partnership Network provides strategic guidance for the MicroENTRE research, education and development activities. The aim of the network is to promote micro-entrepreneurship through cooperation between the university, organisations producing business services and other RDI actors supporting micro-entrepreneurship. Member organisations of the partnership network appoint their representatives to a steering group that supports MicroENTRE’s goal to produce research-based knowledge on micro-entrepreneurship and to provide education related to micro-entrepreneurship.

The activities of the partnership network contribute to the national task of micro-entrepreneurship research and education as implemented by the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute.

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