Zuosinan Chen

Academy Research Fellow, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Forest (Eco)hydrology

Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Oulanka forests, 2023 autumn

My ecohydrology research has been focusing on forest ecosystems covering various forest types, e.g., semi-arid, temperate, boreal, urban, and managed. I am interested in process-based mechanisms spanning different spatio-temporal scales under climate change: (1) biophysical controls of daytime and also nighttime leaf transpiration, stem water capacitance recharge, and whole tree water use, (2) sub-daily responses of tree sap flow to weather extremes and precipitation seasonality, (3) long-term (over decades) effects of forest management on forest transpiration. Based on my multidisciplinary knowledge, especially the research experience in ecohydrology and isotope hydrology, I am currently combining the sap flow technique and isotope hydrology to elucidate how boreal trees use water under the changing snow-rain seasonality.

Research interests

  • Forest (eco)hydrology
  • Tree water use strategy
  • Water movement in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum
  • Nighttime sap flow
  • Isotope hydrology
  • Extreme weather events (intense precipitation, hot days, drought stress)
  • Tree physiology
  • Forest management
  • Forest ecology

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