Visit the Garden

The botanical garden is an ideal destination for short study visits. You can book guided tours or facilities for meetings and events. Teaching material has been prepared for school visitors to facilitate trip planning.
Kuva vierailukäynnistä kasvihuoneeseen

Plan your visit

We hope you inform your group visit in advance via the reservation form or call 0294 481580.

You can book also guided tours. Teaching material has been prepared for school visits to facilitate to plan a trip.

NB: No guided tour in July.


Guided tours to groups 70 € / hour (max. 25 people per group)

School groups 50 € (max. 25 people per group)

Evenings 85 € / hour

Weekends 100 € / hour

Plant labels and documentation

Botanical Garden maintains a documented collection of living plants. Plant labels play an important role in the management of documented scientific collection and provide correct information about plants for all visitors.

Label entries:

  • Finnish name
  • Scientific name (genus and species)
  • Family
  • Distribution

In addition to plant label, the plants have a metallic tag referring to the accession in the garden database, which includes plant registration data; date of arrival, identification, name and origin details as well as operation entries, such as sowing and planting history.


Collections and facilities of the Botanical Garden are used to hold many of the courses included especially in the biology curriculum.
Botanical Garden is especially responsible for the plant material needed for botany courses and ensures the reliability of the nomenclature and other information of the plants in the collections.

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