Equality and diversity at the University of Oulu

The purpose of work on equality and diversity is to promote equality and prevent discrimination on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, language, disability or other similar factors. Equality also includes accessibility. Being different must not lead to inequality; the aim is fairness that recognises and acknowledges diversity.

Work on equality is built on ethical and legal foundations, and the realisation of equality and diversity can be identified in all human interactions and treatment.

The University of Oulu is committed to promote equality and diversity in all its operations

The goal of the equality and diversity work carried out at the University of Oulu is to promote equal and nondiscriminative treatment of the employees and the students and in addition, to prevent discrimination and to handle any flaws. Diversity between the members of a community and gender equality have to be a key principle in all operations done at the University.

The promotion of equality and diversity is the collective responsibility of the entire university community and based on the Equality Act and the Non-discrimination Act.

The organisation of equality and diversity work at the University of Oulu:

  • The University management promotes and monitors the realisation of the equality and diversity plan.
  •  The Equality and Diversity Committee develops and provides information about equality and diversity matters, in addition to being primarily responsible for the development and monitoring of accessibility work related to equality.
  • The three Faculty Equality and Diversity Workgroups develop operating methods and structures that can be applied to equality and diversity work throughout the University. In addition to this, the workgroups also conduct accessibility work.
  • The Student Union and the student societies operating under it promote students’ awareness of equality and diversity matters.
  • Equality and diversity matters are also related to the duties of the labour protection organisation and the student welfare workgroup, among others. Gender equality board awards a yearly gender equality and diversity prize on the grounds of received nominations.

The objectives of equality and diversity work are visible in all University operations:

  • Equality and diversity in working environment
  • Equality and diversity in research and researcher training
  • Equality and diversity in studies and teaching


  • I get acquainted with the equality and non-discrimination plan of the University of Oulu, and I will get trained and acquire information about equality and non-discrimination.
  • I take care of gender equality when appointing student and staff group representatives to work groups.
  • I am aware that gender diversity is part of the University of Oulu.
  • I take care of equal distribution of work responsibilities between those doing hybrid, remote and in-office work.
  • As a man, I’ll take my paternity and parental leaves and participate in taking care of a sick child.
  • I encourage men to take their paternity and parental leaves and to take part in the care of a sick child.
  • I get acquainted with the language policy program and implement it in my own work.
  • I have zero tolerance for bullying and harassment.

Everyone has a duty to prevent bullying and harassment!


Equality and Diversity Plan

Our equality and diversity work is based on University of Oulu Equality and Diversity Plan which includes objectives and measures for the period 2022–2023.

Equality and diversity committee

Chair of the Committee: Vice Rector for Research Taina Pihlajaniemi
Secretary: DEI expert Taina Cooke


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