University of Oulu, 2019

Cross-institutional study

University of Oulu students can apply to cross-institutional studies at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Students from Oulu University of Applied Sciences can on their part apply to cross-institutional studies at the University of Oulu.

Cross-institutional studies are available for higher education institution degree students with an annual registration status as 'present'. Cross-institutional studies are also available for incoming exchange students, if cross-institutional course(s) is/are marked as 'offered for exchange studens' in a network agreement.

Application to cross-institutional studies at the University of Oulu

Courses offered through cross-institutional studies at the University of Oulu are listed in the WebOodi course catalogue.
NB!  If this page doesn't open, try turning VPN connection off. VPN (global protect)  may block this page.


  1. Check what studies are available from the course catalogue and update your study plan 
  2. Make sure you are able to include the studies to your degree in your home institution. Cross-institutional studies must be included in your personal study plan PSP when you are applying for recongition.
  3. Submit the application 
  4. Follow the instruction e-mails that you received, register to courses as instructed
  5. Enjoy the studies!
  6. After you have completed your cross-institutional studies and have received assessment in study registry, print your transcript of records from Peppi. Send your transcript to Academic Affairs Service Team, where your studies will be transferred to University of Oulu's study registry.
    Service address for you degree programme's Service Team can be found from 'For you' section on Academic Affairs page.



Last updated: 9.11.2020