Erasmus+ exchange to Europe

There are close to 500 Erasmus+ bilateral agreements at the University of Oulu, which offer a vast variety of options for students to go on exchange. The Erasmus+ agreements are field specific, meaning they concern either a field of studies or Faculty or Degree Programme.

There are two application rounds for Erasmus+ exchanges annually. The first call for applications is organised on Feb 1-25 for Autumn term and full academic year exchanges. The second call is organised on Sept 15-30 for Spring term exchanges for destinations which are left from the first call for applications. 

Find out information about the destinations available for you well in advance and consult your Faculty International Coordinator for more information on when your desired exchange destination is open for applications. Your Faculty International Coordinator will announce the destinations included in the call. Information about the application round will also be provided at info sessions organised by the Faculty international coordinators and by email.

Nordplus exchanges to Nordic countries

In addition to the Erasmus+ Programme, Nordplus Programme also offers opportunities for exchange studies in the Nordic countries. Nordplus exchanges are available for those students whose Faculty or degree programme is a member of a Nordplus network. The call for applications for Nordplus exchanges is organised at the same time with the Erasmus+ exchange destinations.


Information about Erasmus+ and Nordplus grants is available on Grants page.


Please see the For You section below for more information about your Faculty/Degree Programme Erasmus+ and Nordplus exchange destinations and guidelines.

You can find instructions specific to your own study programme below.

All degree students of the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular medicine can apply for a student exchange. This means that they can study a part of their degree in a partner university abroad. At the university level, there are several different exchange programmes and hundreds of universities to choose from. The length of the exchange is usually 1 or 2 terms after completing the first study year. The recommended time during Bachelor studies is the spring of third academic year and during Master’s studies the first autumn semester. Before applying for an exchange, it is essential to discuss your study progress and your study plan with your degree programme coordinator Jari Heikkinen. Student has to compile a study plan, in which it is agreed how the accomplished studies are accepted to the degree.

Erasmus exchange is coordinated by the Faculty. The University of Oulu International Services coordinate exchange programmes outside Europe. Please note that application period and deadline of Erasmus is different from the non-European ones.

ERASMUS student´s feedback (mostly in Finnish).

List of Erasmus partners of the faculty

University of Oulu Business School Erasmus and NOREK Exchanges

Erasmus Programme offers all Oulu Business Degree Students an opportunity to spend an exchange semester in another European Business School. Only Oulu Business School students can apply to our specific Erasmus destinations.

OBS students can also go on exchange to another Nordic destination via NOREK programme. The NOREK destinations are open at the same time with Erasmus destinations.

Erasmus and NOREK Exchanges in Oulu Business School are coordinated by Education Designer Riitta Kataja, Walk-In Tues at 10-11, Thur at 13-14 in KE217 (Opintokatu, G2 Door, 2nd floor), Email:

Next Erasmus and NOREK Application round is open during Feb 1-25, 2020

Next Erasmus and NOREK application round for Academic Year 2020-21 opens on Feb 1 and closes at 23.59 on Feb 25, 2020.

In this application round students can apply for exchanges in the Autumn Semester 2020 and Spring Semester 2020.

The preliminary list of available Erasmus destinations for 2020-21. Please note that changes may occur.

The list of NOREK destinations will be published later.

More information on the application and the available destinations will be given at:

Info Session held on Mon, Feb 3rd, 2020 at 13.15.-14 in Room L7

Master level Exchange Criteria

Master level students applying on exchange need to have a Bachelor Degree and they need to do a Learning Agreement (Study Plan) that includes Master Level studies in their specific Master Programme, The study plan has to be approved by the responsible person (Economics Jaakko Simonen, Marketing Mari Juntunen, Accounting Hannele Kantola, Finance Petri Sahlstöm, International Business Management Sakari Sipola).

Erasmus and NOREK Application Process

1st phase
SoleMOVE application

  • The applications are submitted in SoleMOVE. The SoleMOVE application is the first phase of selection, in which OBS assigns the applicant a host university according to the availability of choices listed in the application. The application period for this phase starts on Feb 1, 2020 and closes on Feb 25th, at 23:59, 2020. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Important: when filling in the application, choose Oulu Business School as “home institution”. Do not choose University of Oulu as "home institution" or leave this section blank!
  • List 3-5 possible choices as host universities in order of preference. This will increase your possibilites to get accepted!
  • Attach a preliminary study plan (total of 25-30 credits) to each destination (in one document) and a transcript that shows the average grade of your studies in your application. The transcript that you get from Weboodi does not show your average grades. Transcripts can be obtained from Compass - Faculty Study Affairs,
  • SoleMOVE study plan/Learning Agreement is a preliminary list of courses that you plan to take during your exchange. It should include courses worth a total of 25-30 credits and the courses should be matching with the courses that are required by your degree programme in Oulu Business School. The plan needs to be approved by the person in charge of your Master Programme (see list above). In case the host university has not provided updated course information for the following academic year, please use the available course catalogue. The final Learning Agreement can be updated later.

Selection criteria

  • To get accepted into the exchange programme, student's average grade in all studies must be at least 3.00 (Good).
  • A preliminary Learning Agreement of 25-30 credits on each destination.
  • Language skills: B2 level in English language and (if applicable) B1 in other languages is required.

2nd phase
Application to the host university

  • After being accepted in SoleMOVE students are required to confirm their exchange. Oulu Business School Coordinator is responsible for instructing the student on how to do the application to their allocated host university. After that the student is responsible for submitting the application according to the host universities' application procedures and deadlines.
  • Host universities' application deadlines and instructions vary, so please check the instructions well in advance (links to host universities' websites can be found below). Please note that most universities require a proof of language skills. A language certificate can be obtained from University's Language and Communication services.

Last updated: 28.11.2019