University of Oulu, 2016

Non-degree study right

A person who is not enrolled as a degree student at the University of Oulu can be granted a non-degree study right. Non-degree studies have a fee, and it does not give the applicant degree student status. A non-degree study right can be granted for single courses or study modules. A non-degree study right covers only the period and the courses or course modules it has been granted for. The study right can be granted if the course or course module has room for additional students. 

Application for a non-degree study right is submitted by filling in the application form that can be found from: The applicant should also attach documents of relevant previous studies (e.g. transcript, degree certificate or similar) to the application. One application form can contain courses only from one faculty. If you are applying for courses from more than faculty you need to submit separate applications to each faculty.

Non-degree studies have a fee of 10 eur / ECTS cr per granted study credit. The fee is not charged for studies complementing teacher education studies. Applicant is informed of a granted non-degree study right through e-mail and will receive the fee payment instructions at the same time. The study fee is paid through EduStore online shop. The study right will be valid only after the payment has been received.  The study right is granted by the Education dean or by Languages and Communication unit. 

There is a continuing application period for the studies. Send the application by email to Faculty Study Affairs. Contact information: All applications for languages and communication must be sent to: N.B.

Please note that non-degree study right is not granted for courses or course modules that the University of Oulu arranges only through the Open university.

Last updated: 9.10.2020