Study Psychologists

The Study Psychologists offer special guidance and counselling in questions related to learning, studying, life management and well-being.

Who can book an appointment?

You can make an appointment for our Study Psychologists when:

  • you are enrolled as a student in the University of Oulu or UniOGS
  • you need help with study related problems such as learning or time or stress management 
  • when other student advising has not proved to be helpful. 

    When should I contact the Study Psychologist?

    You can contact the Study Psychologist about things that have to do with learning and study related problems such as:

    • Feeling stuck with studies, not progressing
    • Study-related self-confidence
    • Motivation issues
    • Coping with stress and tension
    • Returning to studies after a long break
    • Other issues related to learning, such as exam or thesis anxiety, time management, learning disabilities, problems with writing processes
    • Accessibility issues: form 'Application for individual study arrangements' can be found from here.

    Watch a video about what Study Psychologist guidance is. 

    Individual sessions

    Meetings are confidential and last approximately 45 minutes. There are usually 1-5 sessions per student. The service is free of charge for the University of Oulu students. The objectives for the sessions will be agreed upon during the first session.  They could be some of the followig:

    • To clarify the student's overall life situation
    • To develop studying skills
    • To increase student’s activity
    • To discover new patterns for thinking and acting

    Appointment requests (Note! The apllication form opens in Finnish first, but you can change the language in English in the top right corner of the page).

    Study Psychologists: Pia Partanen and Pauliina Junnikkala

    Please notice that according to the instructions given by the University of Oulu, the distance between persons is increased in all activities in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, guidance will be done remotely until otherwise notified. Remote control can be done via Teams or by phone. Follow university news about coronavirus

      Other tips

      Webinars (in english)

      Study skills


      Other options for help

      For other than study related issues: please contact the Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) for an appointment.

      Acute help & crise situations:  

      • Oulun kriisikeskus (Oulu Crisis Center) offers short term counselling and guidance in crises for anyone living or staying in Finland. Call 044 3690 500 (Mon-Fri 9am-2pm). 
      • Oulun mielenterveyspäivystys (Oulu Mental health service). Call 044 703 5940 (Mon-Thu 8am–4pm, Fri 8am–3pm).  
      • Oulu University Hospital: for acute psychiatric help call 08 315 2655.
      • University Chaplain 
      • The National Crisis Hotline. Discuss your thoughts, feelings and situation in life with a worker or a trained volunteer over the phone. 

      Last updated: 7.1.2021