DeConcrete project

DeConcrete: Eco-Efficient Arctic Technologies Cooperation

Official we page and videos:

  • Please visit the official project web page at DECONCRETE
  • Project video with Finnish subtitles.
  • Project DeConcrete, 2021: Video
  • Utilization of recycled concrete fines as granulated aggregates: Video



DeConcrete Project has been selected to be part of the Exhibition “INNOVATION ACROSS BORDERS”, showcasing Interreg and ENI CBC projects and their impacts, contributions and support to the development of business in the region.  This exhibition about “Working with your neighbors to make a difference” will take place at Business Oulu, 21-25 September 2020. Please see the exhibition site (

On 25th September (from 12.00 am to 3.00pm), Project experts from the University of Oulu will present the project “DeConcrete: Eco-Efficient Arctic Technologies Cooperation” (KO4068) within the European Cooperation Day exhibition.



Last updated: 4.2.2021