University of Oulu, 2016

Our multidisciplinary research unit is composed of three research groups: (1) Cellulose, (2) Biocomposites and (3) Inorganic binders research group.

The Cellulose research team focuses on biomaterials and chemicals derived from various lignocellulose resources – especially on cellulose of nano- and micromaterials, their hybrid structures with inorganics/biocompounds and their applications. These include bionanochemicals such as adsorbents, flocculation agents, surfactants, emulsifiers and novel green materials such as barriers and films, filaments, foams, filters and membranes, nanopapers, and papermaking, biomedical and electronic applications. We are also focusing on lignocellulose modification using deep eutectic solvents and periodate oxidation chemistries.


The research area of the biocomposites research team is manufacturing and development of biocomposite materials using renewable biobased materials as reinforcement in thermoset/thermoplastic polymer matrices. The reinforcing fibres can be from various lignocellulose resources - wood, plants, side streams from agriculture and industry as well as industrial waste streams and are usually modified mechanically and/or chemically. Matrix polymers can be biodegradable or non-biodegradable and derived from renewable natural resources or based on fossil resources.
The research focus of biocomposite team is in study of the reinforcing mechanisms, nano-oriented structures in cellulose nanocomposites, interpenetrated and semi-interpenetrated polymer networks, all-cellulose and biopolyurethane composites as well as use of biocarbon in composites and fibres. Applications include materials used in construction, electronics, coatings, transportation and packaging.
The aim of our research is to find out new applications for inorganic side streams from process and energy industry. Main focus areas are different concrete-like materials, such as geopolymers. Our goal is to combine high level academic research and commercialization of the research results. 
Our research focuses on the understanding of the reactivity of materials, processing of materials and the research on the properties of the end product. As we study the materials of the circular economy also the safety of the materials both from environmental and end-user viewpoint is our fundamental research target.



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