Erasmus + Strategic Partnership grant awarded to develop sustainable cooperation between university lecturers

Chemistry degree programme lecturers working at research unit of Sustainable Chemistry participate in the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project STEM Continuous Professional Development at European Universities. The other partners in this consortium are the Jagiellonian University (Poland), University of Amsterdam (Netherland), the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTN). Together they have received almost half million euro from the European Union to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences in higher chemistry education. The aim is to promote continuous professional development (CPD) at the European universities. It will help lecturers keep the quality of teaching and learning on track, while considering the developments in STEM disciplines and in society, and help them cope with challenging problems that arise.

During the three-year project, two summer schools will be organised for lecturers who organise chemistry-oriented CPD activities in their faculties. Participants will increase the knowledge at their faculties and beyond through the different workshops. The activities developed will be specific train-the-trainer sessions, co-creation activities, peer-learning approach and knowledge sharing based on the principles of community of inquiry.

More information about the intellectual outputs of this STEM-CPD @ EUni project from ECTN website.

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Last updated: 22.9.2020