Anne-Mari Väisänen

Anne-Mari Väisänen


Doctoral student

Research interests

  • Bullying
  • Bullying discourses
  • Post-structural and post-qualitative theories


In my doctoral thesis I study bullying discourses. I look at discourses especially at the collision points of traditional bullying theories and post-theories. My aim is to bring forth knowledge that is taken for granted and knowledge that is not recognized. 

My study is funded by Oulu University Eudaimonia project Active equality of youth in school.

Conferences and abstracts

Väisänen, A-M., & Lanas, M. (2018). Minkälainen tieto muodostuu arvokkaaksi suomalaisessa kiusaamisdiskurssissa? (What kind of knowledge is getting regarded as legitimate in Finnish bullying discourse?) Abstract and presentation in Kasvatustieteen Päivät Tampere 2018

Research groups

  • Doctoral student, Living Relations Research Community