Company collaboration in doctoral education

Industrial Doctorate is a new concept for carrying out doctoral research projects in collaboration with companies or public organizations.

This focused four-year collaboration enables complementing your own R&D with the world-class research expertise found in the University of Oulu! The collaboration partner can influence the topic of the doctoral thesis and is involved in supervising the research work.

Motivated researcher to the company

The doctoral researchers recruited for the Industrial Doctorate are aiming for a career in the industry after graduation. They are motivated professionals who become world-class specialists in their research area. Therefore, Industrial Doctorate provides with a unique opportunity for the company to train a specialist that fits to the company’s recruitment needs. In addition, through the doctoral researcher the company gains access to the state-of-the-art research infrastructure, methods and knowledge.

Doctoral candidates are employed full time by the University of Oulu, but can also do research work in the company’s premises if needed. The collaborating company commits to cover 50% of the salary costs of the doctoral researcher during four years.

The collaboration is built on the scientific objectives stated at the doctoral thesis. When presenting the research results, the company’s objectives are taken into consideration. The inventions made by the doctoral researcher are owned by the University, however, there exists a straightforward process for transferring IPRs to the collaborating company.

What can the Industrial doctorate collaboration consist of?

  • The research work carried out by the doctoral student, which may include local, national or international research collaboration
  • The use of university’s research infrastructure and related laboratory and analysis services, as well as testing and research experiments

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