Arctic AI Days 2022

Do you know where University of Oulu AI experts get employed? Are you aware that there are over 10 AI spin-off companies from our University? Did you know that in addition to ICT, we apply AI in almost every faculties’ research?

To find out more about the vast expertise, join our Arctic AI Days hybrid event.
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Lasaretti, Kasarmintie 13b

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Welcome to the University of Oulu Arctic AI days! There is still a possibility to register as webstreaming will be available during the presentations. Register to the event here.

The recording of the event can be viewed here: First day + Second day

The program includes University of Oulu alumni and other keynotes from industry and research. University of Oulu AI community lead by Academy Professor Guoying Zhao will present their vast AI related research – we will go through research examples from e.g. education, ICT, astronomy and many more! This event is to understand deeply what is possible and what is not with AI.

The program includes a panel where the role of AI as an element of human learning and wellbeing is debated by professors Silvén, Järvelä, Nicklas and Koskimäki. The program also includes company stands, a poster session with 26 posters and 2 demonstrations.

Click here for additional information about the AI research at the University of Oulu


Head of Future Physiology, Heli Koskimäki, Oura Health:

Possibilities with long-term physiological data

Professor Daniela Nicklas, University of Bamberg, Germany:

AI and IoT: How to to leverage machine learning models in resource-constrained systems

Professor Samuel Kaski, Aalto University and University of Manchester

Heli Koskimäki, Daniela Nicklas and Samuel Kaski

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