At the beginning of your studies: student account

The student account is your key to use systems and services of the University. By activating or receiving the user account, you accept to observe the Rules of IT Service Use and University's Terms of use for Cloud Service.

The student account

The student account is your key to use systems and services of the University. By activating or receiving the user account, you accept to observe the Rules of IT Service Use and University's Terms of use for Cloud Service.

New students:

The system creates the new student's user account after you have first confirmed your study place and registered to the University. Your user account is created within a week of your university registration, however earliest on August 1st. You will receive an e-mail once the user account has been created. Your user account will be ready to use only when you first activate it, in other words set a password for your account. You can set a password handily online (phase 2) if you have got a Finnish social security number and a personal Finnish online banking account

  • If you have studied earlier in the University of Oulu (also at the Open University), you can use your former user account. If you are not sure what your account is or have forgotten the password, activate your user account according to phase 2.
  • The user account will temporarily be closed if you register as absent. However, the account will not be closed if the reason for the absence is studying abroad, maternity leave or conscription.

As a new student please follow all the phases 1 - 3 of advices below. 

Instructions for activating the student's user account

Act in this order: 

Office 365 Education

All the new user accounts and accounts created in August 2019 or later, have automatically licence to use the Office 365 Education -service which contains the university's e-mail service and other Office Web Apps. If you are not able to log in the O365 service yet, try again later or the next day.

If your user account has been created before August 2019 and if the O365 service in not yet in your use, read more about it and activate the service into your use on the page Office 365 Education -service.