Supporting your studies and contact information for students

University of Oulu offers many services to support you at the different stages and situations on your study path, for instance planning the studies, time management, writing the thesis, looking for internships and planning for your career.

Guidance and support for your studies

Student tutors are senior students from the same field of study and have been trained for tutoring. All new degree and exchange students have a student tutor to help when studies start at the University of Oulu. A student tutor tutoring international degree or exchange student is also called Kummi.

Tutor teachers are appointed by faculty to all students. All students have a personal tutor teacher . The tutor teacher's task is to guide and advice you, in particular, in the early stages of studying. Together you can plan your studies, prepare your personal study plan (PSP) and evaluate the progress of your studies. Advising for an individual course is provided by the course teacher.

Academic Affairs Service Teams support and advice students in all study related questions. You can contact the teams, when you need guidance regarding, for example, the study plan, study guidance of recognition of learning. Exchange students can seek assistance from their International Coordinator.

Career Centre offers you career guidance at every stage of your studies and provides you with the employability skills you need to build your future career. We support you in career planning, job search and networking in your field. Our activities also include workshops, recruitment events and the mentoring programme.

Study Psychologists offer special guidance and counselling in questions related to learning, studying, life management and well-being.

IT services for students develop and provide university and Oamk students with modern and versatile IT services. Here you can see what services ICT Services offer to support your study.