Management and leadership in healthcare (HealthManagement)

The research group is researching management and leadership, services and organizations in social and healthcare. The focus of the research is sustainable leadership and services in digitized and modern social and healthcare, as well as their human-centeredness.
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We produce research evidence aimed at enhancing the sustainability and human-centeredness of social and health services and management. Research evidence is produced for the requirements of digitalized and modern social and healthcare management. Moreover, we produce research evidence on the wellbeing of work communities and organizations, as well as factors affecting wellbeing.

As research materials, we use interviews and surveys as well as documents and register-based data. We utilize quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as systematic reviews.

The knowledge produced in our research group enables the development of sustainable and human-centered services and leadership through new innovations and competent professionals and managers.

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Societal impact

Research evidence can be utilized in developing social and health services and management to be more sustainable, human-centered, and responsive to the needs of modern and technologized society. Research evidence is produced in collaboration with local and national actors and the service system to meet the needs of social and health services, management, and education and teaching.

We educate experts for demanding specialist and management tasks based on research evidence.

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