Medical Imaging in Diagnostics, Algorithms and Software (MIDAS)

MIDAS group develops novel technologies for diagnostic imaging. Particularly we focus on quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography technologies as well as technologies for automated detection and image analysis.
MIDAS group
Our group in June 2022. The photographer cannot keep up with our dynamic teams.

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We are a group of experts in medical physics, biomedical engineering, radiology and computer science determined to develop novel imaging and other technologies for patient diagnostics. We are particularly focused on tissue characterization and disease detection. We have a long and successful history in developing quantitative magnetic resonance imaging techniques for musculoskeletal diseases. We aim to improve image quality in computed tomography through the use of novel x-ray detectors and image reconstruction methods as well as distributed computing. We develop AI-based methods to enable automatic identification of tissue pathologies in radiological images. We capitalize on the proximity of Oulu University Hospital for patients, data and needs-based research themes. We collaborate with internationally reknown research partners and companies.

As of January 2024, the MIDAS group is a member of the Flagship of Advanced Mathematics for Sensing, Imaging and Modelling (FAME), funded by the Research Council of Finland

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