Admission to doctoral training

Are you interested in getting a doctoral degree?

In the University of Oulu, a doctoral study right is applied from the Graduate School (UniOGS). The main task of UniOGS is to promote high-quality doctoral education. You can apply for doctoral studies for most of the year. The best and most motivated applicants are selected to the University of Oulu Graduate School. See what we have to offer, network with distinguished researchers and create yourself a unique career path.

Basic information about the University and Graduate School


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Doctoral Researchers

The University of Oulu, founded in 1958, is one of the biggest universities in Finland and one of the most northern universities in the world. The University of Oulu has eight faculties, 13,500 students and nearly 3,500 employees in two campuses, Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas. The University of Oulu is ranked among the top 3 % of the world´s universities.

The University of Oulu Graduate School was founded in 2011 to support the quality of doctoral training and provide an equal training environment for the doctoral researchers. The Graduate School hosts ca. 1600 active doctoral researchers, who are supported by qualified supervisor(s), follow-up group and network of academic experts. The University of Oulu offers an innovative research environment and high-quality doctoral training for the doctoral researchers.

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The University of Oulu offers diverse and high-quality doctoral training, which emphasises achieving strong field-specific expertise and researcher skills, development of pedagogical skills and accomplishing versatile working life skills.

Each doctoral researcher belongs to one of our doctoral programmes, which offers a unique training environment and network. The content and degree of the doctoral training is determined by the doctoral degree programme.

Our multidisciplinary university offers training in 22 doctoral degree programmes and 48 major subjects. Please check our degree programmes!

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  • Applications are made online at
  • Application periods are open during January 1 - April 30 and July 1 - October 31

What is required for admission?

The following selection criteria must be fulfilled during the admission to doctoral training:

How to apply?

See the instructions below, which are important and will help you facilitate your application process. Check that all the required documents attached in the application in time.

Fill in the application in You can find all the doctoral degree programmes at the University of Oulu by searching with a keyword "UniOGS".

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