Data4Healthcare - From Big data to new science and practical solutions is a novel postdoctoral programme hosted at an international and multidisciplinary research environment of University of Oulu (UOULU), Finland, co-funded by the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie-Action (MSCA) COFUND of the European Union (EU) funding programme Horizon Europe.
The Programme will train 25 postdoctoral researchers to better exploit and develop the possibilities of big data in the EU and globally.
The First Call for recruiting 15 postdoctoral researchers for the programme is opened on January 15th, 2024. The Second Call for recruiting 10 postdoctoral researchers will be opened in January 2025.

About the Programme

Data4Healthcare addresses the great demand for specialists in all fields who are capable of working with different types of massive datasets, understand different datasources and legislation related to the demand of turning them into useful information for decision making in healthcare.

The aim of the Programme is to offer cutting-edge research, research training and career development for talented researchers of any nationality in fields associated with big data, data analytics, machine vision and artificial intelligence. The Oulu ecosystem with strong background in eHealth and ICT, new world´s smartest hospital and research teams utilizing large molecular data provide unprecedented surroundings for the programme.

The research areas offered by the programme can be divided into three themes:

Theme 1): Data as new resources in the society

Theme 2): Health data management practices in RDI collaboration

Theme 3): Technical tools in data management and processing

The Programme is funding a total of twenty-five (25) three-year postdoctoral researcher positions 2024–2028 at the University of Oulu. The First Call for recruiting 15 postdoctoral researchers for the programme is opened on January 15th, 2024 and closing 15th of March 2024. The Second Call for recruiting 10 postdoctoral researchers will be opened in January 2025. Positions are located at the University of Oulu, Finland.

The recruitment process will emphasize the excellence of the applicants and their research plans and is designed to be open, merit-based, transparent, impartial, and give equal opportunities to all applicants.

What we offer

How to Apply - Guide for Applicants

1. Eligibility

Check the eligibility conditions

2. Inform yourself

Read the Guide for Applicants and familiarize with the themes and research group(s)

3. Develop and 4. Prepare

Choose and contact the research group(s) you would like to join and prepare your application

5. Submit

Finalize your project proposal and complete your application with requested attachments

Programme Themes and available research groups

The research areas offered by the Data4Healthcare programme can be divided into three themes. The descriptions of the available research groups related to the themes are listed on the following theme subpages:

Selection process

The Data4Healthcare programme follows recruitment and operation practices that are fully compatible with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The selection process of Data4Healthcare postdoctoral programme will emphasise excellence of the candidates and quality of the research proposals. UOULU is committed to advancing equal opportunity practices in recruitment and personnel development and to eliminate any discrimination concerning gender, race, nationality or disability in the work environment.

Planned timeline for the selection process

  • Call Open - 2 months (January 15th - March 15th)
  • Eligibility check - 2 weeks
  • Assigning external evaluators - 6 weeks
  • External evaluation, ranking consensus meetings, interviews - 7 weeks
  • Currently >>>> Announcement of results - 2 weeks
  • Currently >>>> Feedback and time for appeals - 2 weeks
  • Currently >>>> Acceptance of positions by selected applicants - 2 weeks
  • Signing of work contracts and start of the research projects

Additional information

Contact us


Aapistie 5, 90220 Oulu, Finland

Data4Healthcare organisation

Coordinator, Professor Johannes Kettunen

Vice-coordinator, Professor Raija Korpelainen

Programme manager, Mirja Peltola

Data4Healtcare - unique MSCA COFUND postdoctoral Programme

Positions First Call - 15 positions Second Call - 10 positions
Opens 15th of January 2024 January 2025 (date will be announced later)
Deadline 15th of March 2024 March 2025 (date will be announced later)
Start of the position Autumn 2024 (August-September) Autumn 2025