APASSI - Autonomous Processes Facilitated by Artificial Sensing Intelligence

Project description

Project description

It is expected that the processes in papermaking and in mineral processing will become autonomous or remotely operable. The primary sources of data – process sensors and operators’ observations - have attracted considerably less attention than artificial intelligence driven modeling and control solutions. At present the measurement data has showstoppers in regard of autonomous: a) operators rather than the measurement systems validate measured data; b) calibration is largely manual work; c) process parameters measured not adequate for process control; d) human senses used for process analysis; e) operators’ big role under abnormal conditions.

To respond to the need of developing the measurement infrastructure and related services for autonomous large-scale processes, the APASSI consortium has concluded that the goals set can be achieved only by combining novel measurement technologies, model-based estimation methods, autonomous calibration, and dynamic optimization of measuring actions.

APASSI co-innovation joint action is based on a close co-operation between over 41 companies and 5 R&D organizations forming the effective APASSI eco-system. APASSI consists of 10 projects supported by Business Finland: 2 projects of big leading companies (Valmet and Outotec), 5 projects of SME partners (Senfit, Gasera, Specim, Oplatek, Head Recycle System) and 3 R&D projects (VTT, TUNI, Oulu Uni). Totally the volume is over 10 M€. The R&D projects will last 2 years and the company projects either 2 or 3 years.

Our research activities in this joint action are focused on adaptive modeling, advanced data analytics and intelligent measurements. The goal of APASSI is to research and develop technologies enabling competitive process systems suitable for autonomous factories.


Markku Ohenoja

Postdoctoral researcher