Research strategy


The main field in research and researcher training is in industrial applications of intelligent methods in process analysis, control and diagnostics. The applications build on research group’s methodological know-how and experience. Control engineering research group has also deep process knowledge and understanding in several industrial processes.


Control engineering research group is both nationally and internationally known as the unit of high level teaching and application research. This results in publications and doctoral degrees, but also in active international researcher and student exchange.

In practice

Computational Intelligence is the keyword to the research done in Control engineering research group. Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms, together with other Nature-Inspired Methods and algorithms are applied in solving practical problems. The research group has also strong basic knowledge on mathematical and data-based modelling that forms the starting point to hybrid systems applications.

Application areas vary. Software sensors and advanced control and diagnostics are applied, in addition to traditional applications in paper and metallurgical industries, also in small-scale energy production, biotechnical processes and processes aiming to sustainable production, CO2-utilisation, fuels cells, waste water treatment, etc. It is also actively participation in newly recovering research in mining and minerals processing in the Northern Finland. Also some new paradigms in control are dealt with: wireless monitoring and control, and internet-based control.

Control Engineering research group is emphasizing the co-operation with other groups in University of Oulu, which as such is a multi-disciplinary university offering possibilities to forming efficient consortia. Research unit has also lively co-operation with other Finnish research groups and international networks.

Competence pyramid

Focus areas

Last updated: 20.2.2019