Doctoral dissertations

Pap, Nora: Value-added processing of blackcurrants : use of membrane technologies for clarification and concentration of blackcurrant juice and extraction of anthocyanins from blackcurrant marc. (Supervisors Prof. Riitta Keiski & Prof. Eva Pongracz)
El Assal, Zouhair: Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for the total oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds. (Prof. Riitta Keiski, Doc. Satu Ojala, Prof. Mohammed Bensitel & Prof. Rachid Brahmi )

Kärkkäinen, Marja-Liisa:
Deactivation of oxidation catalysts by sulphur and phosphorus in diesel and gas driven vehicles. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Mika Huuhtanen)
Vuokila Ari: CFD modeling of auxiliary fuel injections in the blast furnace tuyere-raceway area. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Esa Muurinen)
Mouammine, Anass: (Dissertation at University of Chouaïb Doukkali of El Jadida) (Prof. Rachid Brahmi, Doc. Satu Ojala, prof. Riitta Keiski)

Darif, Bouchra: Synthesis and characterization of catalysts used for the catalytic oxidation of sulfur-containing volatile organic compounds: focus on sulfur-induced deactivation. (Prof. Riitta Keiski, Doc. Satu Ojala, Prof. Rachid Brahmi & Prof. Mohammed Bensitel)
Darif, Bouchra: (Dissertation at University of Chouaïb Doukkali of El Jadida) (Prof. Mohammed Bensitel, Prof. Rachid Brahmi, Doc. Satu Ojala & prof. Riitta Keiski)
Harju-Autti, Pekka: Global cross-national indicator of environmental awareness, and environmental worldviews in organizations, political parties and individuals. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Prof. Erkki Alasaarela )
Juholin, Piia: Hybrid membrane processes in industrial water treatment: separation and recovery of inorganic compounds. (Prof. Riitta Keiski, Doc. Esa Muurinen, Dr. Junkal Landaburu Aguirre, Dr. Minna Pirilä
Väliheikki, Ari: Resistance of catalytic materials towards chemical impurities. The effect of sulphur and biomaterial-based compounds on the performance of DOC and SCR catalysts. (Riitta Keiski, Doc. Mika Huuhtanen & Doc. Tanja Kolli)

Pirilä, Minna: Adsorption and photocatalysis in water treatment. Active, abundant and inexpensive materials and methods. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Toivo Kuokkanen)
Pääkkönen, Tiina: Improving the energy efficiency of processes. Reduction of the crystallization fouling of heat exchangers. (Prof. Riitta Keiski, Doc. Esa muurinen & Prof. Carey Simonson)

Kulju, Timo: Utilization of phenomena-based modeling in unit operation design. (Doc. Esa Muurinen & Prof. Riitta Keiski)
Niemistö, Johanna: Towards sustainable and efficient biofuels production. Use of pervaporation in product recovery and purification. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Esa Muurinen)

Hirschmann, Christian: Cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy in the analysis of volatile organic compounds. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Satu Ojala)
Oravisjärvi, Kati: Industry and traffic related particles and their role in human health. (Prof. Riitta Keiski, Prof. Arja Rautio, Prof. Juhani Ruuskanen & Prof. Mauri Haataja)
Pitkäaho, Satu: Catalytic oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds, dichloromethane and perchloroethylene. New knowledge for the industrial CVOC emission abatement. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Satu Ojala)
Seelam, Prem Kumar: Hydrogen production by steam reforming of bio-alcohols. The use of conventional and membrane-assisted catalytic reactors. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Mika Huuhtanen)

Landaburu-Aguirre, Junkal: Micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration for the removal of heavy metals from phosphorous-rich wastewaters. From end-of-pipe to clean technology. (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Eva Pongracz)

Turunen, Helka: CO₂-balance in the atmosphere and CO₂-utilization: an engineering approach. (Prof. Riitta Keiski)

García, Verónica: Reclamation of VOCs, n-butanol and dichloromethane from sodium chloride containing mixtures by pervaporation. Towards efficient use of resources in the chemical industry (Prof. Riitta Keiski & Doc. Eva Pongracz)

Kröger, Virpi: Poisoning of automotive exhaust gas catalyst components (Principal supervisor Prof. Riitta Keiski)                       

Huuhtanen, Mika: Zeolite catalysts in reduction of NOx in lean automotive exhaust gas conditions. (Prof. Riitta Keiski)
Kolli, Tanja: Pd/Al2O3-based automotive exhaust gas catalysts: The effect of BaO and OSC material on NOx reduction. (Principal supervisor Prof. Riitta Keiski & Dr. Marina Lindblad)

Ojala, Satu: Catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds and malodorous organic compounds (Prof. Riitta Keiski)

Lassi, Ulla: Deactivation Correlations of Pd/Rh Three-way Catalysts Designed for Euro IV Emission Limits: Effect of Ageing Atmosphere, Temperature and Time. (Principal supervisor Prof. Riitta Keiski)

Muurinen, Esa: Organosolv pulping, a review and distillation study related to peroxyacid pulping. (Prof. Jorma Sohlo)

Oinas, Pekka A: Study on the validity of mass transfer and reaction models in multiphase systems


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