Laboratory exercise equipments

Tray dryer

With the equipment you can follow the drying speed of moist sand by following the weight lost of the sand as a function of the time. The sand is staying on a tray which is in air flowing through the equipment. The tray is in connection with the scales. The air flow speed and the air temperature are controllable.


Distillation column

A packed column with 5 mm glass ring packings. The heights of the stripping and rectifying sections are 100 cm and 120 cm, respectively. The inner diameter of the column is 5 cm.  The column is operated manually and it has been used for distillation of water-ethanol mixture.


Shell and tube heat exchanger

Laboratory model of a shell and tube exchanger. The shell is made of glass with seven copper tubes (1 m) inside. The heat transfer area is 0.5 m2. The equipment is connected with cold stream (min +4°C) on the shell side, the warm district heated water (max +60 °C) streams on the tube side. Maximum flow is 25 l/min on both sides. Temperatures are measured on the input and output points.



Last updated: 2.1.2013