Facilities for separation studies

Fraction distillation column

The distillation column for separation of different liquid mixtures. The column operates at pressure range of 1 to 1013 mbar up to 150°C. The diameter of the column is 5 cm having 24 Oldershaw-sieve plates.

Micro distillation unit

A laboratory scale micro distillation unit for the distillation of liquids, for example the fractionation of aromatic and ethereal oils from plants. The set-up contains a filling plate colon (diameter 15 mm, height 60 cm, hold-up of the colon 12-18 cm3, maximum 40 theoretical stages) and a heating batch of the containers (250, 500, 1000 cm3) up to 200°C. The reflux ratio is controlled automatically.


EBA-equipments in laboratory and pilot scale

Expanded bed adsorption equipments (EBA) which are used for separating proteins by chromatography technique from complex solutions such as fermenter solutions, industrial waste streams or other solutions containing proteins. The analyses are done by UV-monitors.

Evaporation units

A laboratory have two evaporation units - laboratory scale and pilot scale - for the concentration of liquids. The bigger one in the picture have the maximum of 5 liter per batch, altough the continuous evaporation is possible. The smaller unit have the batch size of 0.5 liters.


Supercritical fluid extraction unit

The pilot-scale supercritical CO2 extraction equipment for extraction of e.g. essential oils from plants, separation of seed oils and extraction of peat. The maximum extraction pressure is 500 bars and temperature 150°C. The extraction fluid can be circulated.

ÄktaTM Avant 25 Chromatography system

Highly automated preparative liquid chromatography system for media screening, method scouting, and process development. Flow rate up to 25 ml/min; 2 bars.


Last updated: 30.1.2013