University of Oulu has developed on-line measurement system suitable for measuring heavy metals in mines and harbors

Heavy metal (Hg, Ni) and oil on-line measurements suitable for mines and harbors are being developed in the ERDF funded project at the University of Oulu. In addition, a CFD model has been developed to understand the behavior of leaked oil in water-ice-slush conditions especially in harbor areas. Also sustainability of the developed measuring concepts are assessed leading to benign measurements preventive actions for oil spreading.

Modeling oil spreading with CFD connected to oil and low metal (Ni, Hg) measurements in mines and harbors -JaMit
Öljy- ja metallipäästöjen jatkuvatoiminen mittaaminen kaivoksissa ja satamissa sekä niiden leviämisen CFD-pohjainen mallintaminen - JaMit

In the JaMit project the Environmental and Chemical Engineering research unit (ECE) has been working together with the Measurement Technology research unit (MITY) and the Enrichment Technology Training Center (Rikastustekniikan koulutuskeskus, LAPPIA)  in order to develop new on-line measurements for oil and heavy metals as well as to study oil leakage behavior in Arctic conditions.

For more information, contact the project leader Prof. Riitta Keiski (riitta.keiski(at) or the project manager Satu Pitkäaho (satu.pitkaaho(at)

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Last updated: 24.8.2017