Research areas

In Synthetic and Structural Inorganic Chemistry the expertise centres on the use of advanced molecular synthetic techniques and structural characterisation methods to (i) prepare new coordination and organometallic complexes and chalcogen compounds for application in the areas of catalysis, optoelectronics and chemical bond activation, and (ii) unravel reaction pathways using experimental and theoretical tools. Research areas are:
1. Chalcogen-nitrogen chemistry,
2. Organotellurium and -selenium compounds and their ligand chemistry,
3. Homo- and heteronuclear chalcogen molecules and ions,
4. Semi-conducting chalcogenide thin films,
5. New carbenes for chemical non-innocent and cooperative ligand behaviour: fundamental new reactivity,
6. Carbene complexes for the activation of small molecules and molecular catalysis,
7. Photophysical properties of carbenes for optoelectronic applications, and
8. Preparation of potential new metallodrugs with anticancer activity demonstrating alternative modes-of-actions.

Contact person for 1-4: Raija Oilunkaniemi and Risto Laitinen
Contact person for 5-8: Daniela Bezuidenhout

Research areas in Environmental Inorganic Chemistry are:
1. Solid fuel combustion and ash related problems (deposition on the surfaces of the boilers, bed material agglomeration, corrosion)
2. Geopolymers
3. Waste and mine water treatment and analysis by CE (Capillary Electrophoresis)
4. Increase of the energy and material efficiency of cleaning process in dairy industry

Contact person: Minna Tiainen

Last updated: 10.3.2020