Zouhair El Assal defended his doctoral thesis about catalytic oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds

In the figure from left to right: Docent Satu Ojala (supervisor), Opponent Professor Juan-Ramón Gonzáles-Velasco, Doctoral candidate Zouhair El Assal and Custodian Professor Riitta Keiski (supervisor).

On December 11th, 2018 Dr.Sc. (Cata., Envi. and Ind. Chem.) Zouhair El Assal defended successfully his dissertation titled "Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for the total oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds". His Opponent was Professor Juan-Ramón Gonzáles-Velasco (University of the Basque Country, Spain) and Custodian Professor Riitta Keiski.

For more information and the dissertation visit: http://jultika.oulu.fi/Record/isbn978-952-62-2126-7  

Last updated: 19.12.2018