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InSTREAMS is a multidisciplinary research program aiming to integrate knowledge to anticipate challenges in sustainable value chains. This is achieved by linking value chain analysis to basic research and technology development. The vision is to actively contribute to the move towards clean production ecosystems of the future by identifying and solving key problems with the help of high-quality research.

The InSTREAMS research programme includes two broad research themes:

  • The TECH research theme concentrates on the efficient, safe and sustainable use of high-volume inorganic side streams from various industries.
  • The VALUE research theme focuses on creating new, sustainable business models, strategies and value chains based on these inorganic high-value side streams.

Within these two research themes, we were inviting tenure track applications for five focus areas. The application period is now closed. We received altogether 120 applications around the world to our program. They will now go under the work of the recruiting committee and appointed tenure-track professors will be expected to start their positions in early 2020. 


Tenure Tracks

Tenure Track Positions – Inorganic Side Streams: From basic research and technology development to sustainable value chains.


Interdisciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering, readily combined with sustainable value chains and business.


The inSTREAMS community includes researchers in various faculties.

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