InStreams Hub - Inorganic circular economy research community

InStreams Hub is a cross-disciplinary hub at the University of Oulu for solving sustainability challenges related to inorganic materials. 


InStreams Hub focuses on cross-disciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering and the management and utilization of inorganic side streams. It develops sustainable value chains and has high interest to put scientific research into practice. The Hub also provides research-based information to support decision-making and participates in public debate. The activities create conditions and models for a continuous cross-border and inter-sectoral cooperation, between companies and research institutes.

InStreams Hub consists of the following themes:

  • Sustainable materials processing
  • Inorganic energy materials
  • CO2-conscious materials for construction
  • Advanced material characterizations 
  • Preventing environmental contamination 
  • Value streams and productization


The InStreams Hub is committed to focus on sustainable materials and systems and has a wide academic base for cross-disciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering, readily combined with sustainable value streams and business.

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Six different research themes in the inorganic circular economy research community

Tenure program

Five different Tenure Tracks to support the research


The InStreams Hub community includes researchers in various faculties.


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