Kerttu Saalasti Institute

Evidence based growth, success and societal impact

The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute is an international research institute with a mission to provide evidence-based knowledge and education on micro-enterprises and their operating conditions. Our research theme is Operational Excellence of Micro-Enterprises. Kerttu Saalasti Institute provides knowledge from the perspectives of Micro-Entrepreneurship as well as Future Manufacturing Technologies and Regional Excellence that enable vitality and growth at the micro-enterprise level. Kerttu Saalasti Institute is the only research institute in Finland and internationally that focuses on micro-enterprises. Societal impact of research is our strength.

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Kerttu Saalasti”The help of scientific research is direly needed to answer and find solutions to many great questions in Northern Finland…the world turns expectantly to University of Oulu believing it will serve not only the North, but also the nation and the whole of humanity.”

Minister of Education Kerttu Saalasti after the founding of the University of Oulu in Iisalmen Sanomat 6.10.1959