SoloENTRE and entrepreneurial culture


Project description

A central target of the SoloENTRE and entrepreneurial culture project (SoloENTRE) is strengthening the entrepreneurial orientation in North Ostrobothnia. Its objectives are based on a regional strategy of entrepreneurship education and on Regional Plan and Strategic Programme.

Solo-entrepreneurs are major drivers for economic growth and employment development. In Finland, the number of solo-entrepreneurs has increased about 40,000 in the last ten years. The change is a result of the structural change in the working life, as the boundaries of traditional wage work and entrepreneurship have blurred. In a networked economy, companies do not just generate value by themselves, but utilize input from other companies. Digitalization is one of the major trends in business and society. Digital change has a significant impact on the organization's potential to maintain its competitiveness and respond to constant changes and pressures. In order to succeed in digitalization, organizations need to adopt new technologies and innovate their business models.

The target groups of the project are persons that are planning to start business, different forms of solo-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises. Another important target groups are public advisory services that operates in the region, as the aim of the project is to create a new micro-entrepreneurs service offering for these organizations. The three main goals of the SoloENTRE project are the developing of the entrepreneurship environment, open new services and the
strengthening and developing a new type of peer-to-peer network.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Raahen seudun yrityspalvelu, Nivala-Haapajärven seutu NIHAK ry, Teknologiakeskus VTT oy