MicroENTRE Growth Network™

What Does the Network Offer for the Entrepreneur?

1. Opportunities for profitable growth

Develop your business with rapid and prag-matic experiments. Create new business models and digital solutions. Utilize the latest research results in your operations. Get peer support and development ideas from entrepreneurs and experts in the local core group.

2. A strong network

Contact new customers through core group companies and become a part of the net-works of the most active micro-enterprises and research, development and training actors. Find cost-effective ways to access international markets and networks. By taking part, you are developing the future of your field.

3. Positive visibility

The operating model is nationally known. Being a part of the network and participating in events will add value to your business.

What Is a Local Core

The core groups are monthly meeting groups where entrepreneurs gain peer support, development ideas and new partners. The network coordinated by the MicroENTRE Center for Micro-Entrepreneurship at the University of Oulu is aimed at promoting the growth, development and internationalization of microenterprises.

The local core groups meet monthly at the premises of the member companies. The host company of the month selects the theme and timing of the meeting. The local development corporation is responsible for recruiting entrepreneurs and arranging the meetings. As a member of the MicroENTRE Growth Network ™ you can also participate, free of charge, in the MikroMatch events at the northern workshop for micro-entrepreneurship.

How Can I Join?

Being a member of the MicroENTRE growth
network™ costs 100 euros a year.

For additional information contact:

Anna-Mari Simunaniemi
+358 50 4662832

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Last updated: 19.9.2019